Electrical & Hardware

We offer the best of products to match the demanding conditions of PNG

Of major concern to Government, Commercial, Industrial and Private Organisations and individuals is the reliability and quality of mains power. Having experienced the vagaries of supply and being involved in countless projects reliant on consistent and constant power deliver, TEPNG is uniquely placed to offer the advice and products to meet the peculiar demands of our systems. We offer a range of Surge protection devices, Voltage Regulators, Isolation Transformers, Solar Panels, Regulators, Inverters, Variable Speed Drives and most importantly UPS. Matching the right system to your needs in vitally important not only for cost effectiveness but for reliability and longevity of the system. TEPNG has provided this solution to many of the largest commercial, Government and Banking concerns in PNG.

We can offer a total solution from design to installation to maintenance of your UPS system. Similarly we have designed and installed many and diverse solar power systems which have demonstrated our capabilities in providing reliable power to not only households but to vital emergency service communications networks, TE has been noted as the ‘go to’ provider. TE can offer the best of products to match the demanding conditions of PNG when it comes to Power conditioning, protection and supply.

Harsh conditions require equipment made to endure the rigours applied to them, in PNG only the toughest survive that is why we have partnered with the best brands to ensure the delivery of a quality product and we back this up with unprecedented service.

In the UPS arena, POWERSHIELD has a proven track record of reliability in all sectors of the country with back up service and technical advice which is second to known. When it comes to Solar installation, names such as PLASMATRONICS, POWERTECH and SUNTECH have been serving the PNG community providing power in the harshest locations, most notably the Kokoda Trail Emergency Radio installations. Who did we turn to protect our building from power Surges, we installed a NOVARIS inline filter. Novaris is Australia made and designed to meet any conditions. RYLEC power regulators can supply you with the constant voltage require to run critical electronic components. Motor control and starting devices have now become more and more prolific in both Industrial and Commercial installations. TE has partnered with INVERTEC to provide a wide range of devices as well as offer expert installation and retrofitting, call us today to help match our quality Brands to your requirements.

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Lighting Equipment for Office fitouts – Interior/Exterior IP Rated Clipsal, Molex, Pierlite, Cronton, Energetic, Sylvania, Philips
Connectors, Buttons, Actuators & Indicator lights Low and High, long-haul underground or overhead heavy duty cable Schneider, Tesla, Repelec
Contactors, Surge Arrestors, Motor Control Gear, Soft-starters Motor starting, Circuit protection, quality brands IEEE certified Clipsal, Schneider, Tesla,
Switches, Switchboards, Circuit Breakers, Conduit, duct, earthing, leads and boards Electrician supply for large industrial, commercial buildings or domestic Clipsal, Tesla, Powerforce leads, Rylec power boards & extension
Enclosures & Racks Enclosures steel and pvc designed for all environments Clipsal, B&R
Control Units for Gensets, Automation & Control Control Systems for water, power, solar etc Schneider, Hager, Telemechanics
Batteries Batteries for camera’s, UPS, alarm systems etc Panasonic, Plasmatronics, YHI, Alco, PLS, Casio
Lubricants Sprays & greases for different applications CRC Industries